Helm or High Water VR - Creator and Composer

Helm or High Water is a pirate ship combat game for Steam VR with asymetrical, local co-op where you must work together to control your ship and sink your foes. A friend controls the sails and crew while you put your VR sea legs to the test and man the helm.

Feel the bow of the ship rise and fall with the waves and try not to get seasick with Helm Or High Water's realistic physics-based ship motion.

Available now on Steam Early Access!

How many players are supported?

Helm Or High Water requires 2 players to play. One player in VR and one player with keyboard and mouse, gamepad, or Steam Remote Play.

VR Player

  • Steer the Helm
  • Order cannon fire
  • Sword and Gun combat

Co-op Player

  • Sails and Sail Angle
  • Crew distribution
  • Aim and Ammo selection
  • Map and Health information

Balance risk and reward when you carefully choose your next voyage from the replayable, radiant voyage system.

From humble beginnings, unlock new cosmetics to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with your choice of pirate fashion.

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