Past Projects

Yomi Domini - Composer and Audio Programmer

Yomi Domini is an action-adventure game that tracks your tendencies while progressing through the level. The info gathered can be used against you or to fight you on your own level depending on your difficulty selection.

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The Forest has Eyes - Composer and Sound Designer


Zone of Inaccessibility - Composer and Audio Programmer

This game features a dynamic score which chooses between different tracks at runtime to procedurally decrease repetitiveness, create different textures, and respond to game intensity. You can listen to a static arrangement of the track below.



Trinity Overdrive - Composer

This project was done in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Video Game Development Club. Trinity Overdrive is a short top-down spaceship shooter with several boss fights.

“This is amazing! It captures what I wanted exactly and I can’t stop listening to it.” - Sean Wheeler, Trinity Overdrive Project Lead