Jordan Hobgood was born April 7th 1993 in Dallas, Texas. He was clearly wired to appreciate music and express himself through music from the day he was born. Throughout his childhood Jordan’s favorite movies and television programs were in large part dictated by the caliber of the soundtrack rather than the plot.  This tendency continues to this day in all forms of current media including movies, television, software and video games.

A composer knows better than anyone that the wrong implementation can make even a good track stick out like a sore thumb. Learning not only the tools necessary to make music that underscores the emotion of a game but also the basics of C# and Unity 3D game development has allowed me to combine the artistic and technical aspects of bringing music and sound to a game. Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA I have begun work on several small projects including a solo VR project.

I hope to bring quality and emotive music as well as the systems to place and play them to many games in the future. Virtual Reality offers a unique challenge and opportunity and I am excited to be on the cutting edge of 3D audio and music in all types of interactive media.

About Me